Online Betting

Many people believe that online sports betting should be legal in the Europe. A majority of online gambling companies have faced tough times when dealing with European governments. Most would expect the EU to be in favor of online gambling since it will bring in 13 billion euros in revenue in the next two years.

Many Europe countries are cash strapped and could use a helping hand through betting. There are 27 Europe member states that can enforce gambling laws as they see fit. One problem that these companies face is that the member states look to the majority of laws enacted by the EU to make their gambling legislation.

Britain is the country in the Europe  that does the most online betting. The betting companies have used tax loopholes to move their businesses to Gibraltar. This helps them avoid paying 15 percent tax rates but in 2014 this practice will no longer be allowed.

bet365 bonus code Digital Entertainment and a Belgian games  group have formed a partnership which has helped to alleviate tensions between betting companies and the Europe.

The dispute had been because bwin had stated that it was losing over 700,000 euros each month due to an issue with an online betting license. Now that they have a connection in Belgium they can get a license in the country because they have satisfied the country’s requirements for approval.

Consistency is a big issue with the member states. They want to make sure that things are fair. Supporters of online betting have said that the Europe wants this type of betting to be a past time because they cannot maximize the revenues from taxes from it.

Many companies now are avoiding doing business in the Europe now because of strict regulations which hurt their bottom lines. The European Commission published its new regulations in October to clarify the laws for the member states. Hopefully companies can work with the Europe to develop new pieces of legislation.